Which Coming Soon Plugins to use for WordPress?

Coming Soon _ BuLite_New

Whether you are launching a new WordPress site, revamping the existing one; it’s always better to have a teaser type page shown up. Publishing a single pager introducing the offering or website is also a typical launch promotion technique. This can be approached in two ways – either install a single page theme while you are developing or revamping the website or use a coming soon plugin that will hide the content and just show a single page teaser. Benefit of ‘Coming Soon’ themes is that they are easy to implement and customize extensively while you continue with the development of your original website in a test environment. If you are a blogger or a small organization, this may not be always possible. The solution to use off-the-shelf ‘Coming Soon’ plugins available. Fortunately there is an option to either use the free version or go for a premium version depending on the budget. Here are few articles on good ‘Coming Soon’ WordPress themes

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In this blog post, let’s review three plugins that I tried to enable this. A search of ‘Coming Soon’ in WordPress plugins shows close to 975 plugins in this category. So its little unfair to pick just these three and review. I selected one based on the maximum number of active installs and the other two were selected randomly. Interestingly, what I like the most and recommend is the random selection – Coming Soon by Supsystic. Let’s start with the plugin with maximum installations – Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

I selected and implemented this plugin after trying out few others (leaving those names for the time being). The review is completely based on the free version. The ease of use is good. It offers both coming soon mode and maintenance mode. The design features provided in the free version are decent. It also gives a responsive template. There is an option to completely change the plugin HTML with a custom HTML design; due to the lack of time, I couldn’t try this out. Keeping this in mind, I felt the formatting options are slightly restrictive. One major drawback I saw is the lack of feature to add an off-the-shelf email subscription form as well as social media links. Two other drawbacks I noticed were, the live preview not working often and a slowness in getting the changes reflected (which could be completely based on the hosting provider).


Easy Coming Soon by Webriti

This plugin also comes in both free and paid versions. Configuring the plugin was bit easier. Free version gives most of the benefits including adding a subscription form and social links (number of links is limited). Formatting options are also reasonable. The main thing I liked was the mobile view. No option is provided for adding a custom HTML. Only one template is provided in the free version. Live Preview was working; but it was not opening in a new tab by default (which is the standard practice).

BuLiTe_using Easy Coming Soon plugin

Coming Soon by Supsystic

This is the third plugin I tried seriously, and liked the most among these three. The difference with this plugin is its lean offering. It gives two templates in free version which is completely customizable. Both these templates are very professional looking giving the user a quick way to get started and implement. Additionally it provides a counter as well (and completely customizable). We can add multiple sections as well to add additional text or links to social networks. The differentiating factor of this plugin is that you make all the edits like you are doing in a website builder IDE.


I am sure there are more interesting plugins and themes to achieve this…have you tried any of these? What are your recommendations?

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