How well do the TV Commercials of Renault KWID and Mahindra KUV100 communicate their message?


Since late last year, we have seen a new segment emerging in the automobile sector – micro-SUVs. Today, let’s look into the TV commercials of two of the micro-SUV offerings – Renault KWID and Mahindra KUV100. While it is arguable, whether these two belong to the exact segment or if we can even compare it; I think, we can consider these to be on similar segments of micro-SUVs.

Renault launched and popularised the micro-SUV concept in India with its launch of KWID in late 2015. At that time, this was perhaps the most talked-about launch because of its price range as well as a SUV type offering at entry level (typical ‘price for money’ offering). It was even popularised as a mini-Duster. More importantly the marketing promotions around the launch was amazing with its TV campaigns, social media and Krazy for KWID contests. Let’s first take a look at the teaser commercial of KWID

Live for More is the tag line they have used for Renault KWID and this is the launching commercial. The ad has concentrated on showcasing the perceived benefits and fun life for almost 55 seconds of the one minute ad. Interestingly it doesn’t even state KWID anywhere in the commercial. I would consider it’s a well-executed curtain raiser generating an interest level with the audience and inquisitiveness. One could also argue that the product offering isn’t given any preference in the commercial (but that’s a common thing in teasers). However the split slotted ads used either part of this commercial or along with the following ad.

Renault KWID TV Commercial

On the contrary, this ad is entirely showcasing the car in every frame possible. The various colour variants, stellar in-built entertainment systems is well portrayed in the initial sequences. Later, it focuses more on the power and control features of the car with drive on track sequence. The tag line (and the value proposition) of the car #LiveForMore is well captured in both the sound track and visuals. Brand ambassador for KWID (& Mahindra) is Ranbir Kapoor and the sound track is composed by AR Rahman. I must admit the soundtrack is really addictive.

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi is the agency behind the ad. Not only was the brand able to open up a new segment in the market, but the price ranges ensured it is disrupting some of the leaders in the price segment (of entry level cars) like Maruti and Tata. Having said that, though the promotions were geared towards projecting KWID in the SUV segment, I think it was clearly disapproved by the audience soon because of both its details in the make and failure to really be a one. Thus, though it caught great attention of the segment as well as being the segment creator; it couldn’t continue the lantern forward. It was easily side-tracked with other companies offering similar models. Learning from this, Renault had tried to fix the challenge with its new offering of 1L based KWID.

Mahindra KUV100 TV Commercial

Now let’s compare the ads with a stronger contestant Mahindra KUV 100. KUV 100 was launched early this year and positioned as the mini-SUV from Mahindra. It is named in-lines of their SUV models like MUV — Kool Utility Vehicle. Compared to KWID, there wasn’t any teaser commercials. Here is the complete video showcasing KUV100, based on which split slotted ads were shown.

The target audience is clearly evident throughout the ad – young, fun loving gangs interested in adventurous and long trips. Almost from the beginning of the ad, a clear focus on KUV 100 showcasing its style, lamps and interiors is there. Specific frames are set to assert the engine family used by KUV 100 (mFalcon). The theme takes a slice of life approach. Overall the choreography is little artificial with the sequences, #getlucky, #getdirty and likes; but it’s clearly evident that the brand is aggressively targeting the selected segment.

Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan is the main character in the ad. ‘The Young SUV’ is the tagline Mahindra has used for KUV100 and thus not shying away from including it in the SUV segment itself. ‘Get SUV, Get the Life and Get it Now!’ sequence is powerful and is well engrained into the ad.

Compared to KWID commercial, I would consider this to be better executed one especially when considering the appeal it is able to achieve to the selected segment; but the sound track of KWID wins over KUV 100 for sure. Interface Communications is the agency behind the KUV 100 commercial and Lucky Ali composed the sound track.

What do you think about these commercials…which one is able to project its message better?

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