WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook – What does it mean?

October 16, 2016 Aparna Ramakrishnan 0

In August, WhatsApp users met with a shock when the app’s Terms and Conditions of data usage was changed to be shared with its parent company – Facebook. That means your phone number may henceforth be used by Facebook for various purposes. This created lots of aha-aha s among the public. Message forwards asking to unchecked the option immediately were sent across groups and personal chats; I believe most of us would have made that change as well! Today, let’s quickly think about what these changes mean to a marketer as well as the end user? Facebook Ad Targeting Most […..]


What is Marketing Attribution? A quick overview

October 11, 2016 Vijay Sankar 0

These days, digital marketing and analytics is ingrained in every organization’s marketing blood. Every day, a new channel, platform or vendor pops up in this domain providing a niche offering. A digital marketer is daunted with the task of understanding the relevance of each of these channels to include in her marketing strategy. You may think that, once the right channels are identified and included in the plan; everything is set. Unfortunately it’s just the beginning. Considering the fact that each of these channels or vendors report their own conversions metrics; the marketer is faced with the challenge of getting […..]


Negative Emotions as Advertising Themes to break the Clutter [Repose Mattress]

October 7, 2016 Vijay Sankar 0

Advertisements are meant to attract, create an interest and make the audience to buy something. Advertising themes used varies depending on the product, brand and objective. Use of negative themes in commercials is rarely seen. In this edition of ‘Pick of the Week’, we will explore a new brand utilizing a negative theme (Obituary/Death) in its TV commercials – Repose Mattresses. Indian Mattress Industry Before diving into the commercials of Repose Mattress, let’s quickly have a look into the Indian Mattress Industry. It is one of the most unorganized sectors with perhaps less than 25% in the organized sector. The […..]


Vinayak Lohani – A man who dedicated his life for child welfare

October 1, 2016 Vijay Sankar 1

While browsing through the new additions in Google Talks, I noticed one by Vinayak Lohani, the founder of Parivaar an NGO for Child Education. This brought me back, the memories of Social Entrepreneurship classes at IIM Bangalore and interactions with him. This blog post is a culmination of few notes back from those days and the Google Talk. A path, different from the usual brain drain Vinayak Lohani is a simple man with few words and wonderful actions! As an elite member of the esteemed group – IIT-IIM alumni; one would expect him to be sitting at some corner office in the US heading […..]


How well do the TV Commercials of Renault KWID and Mahindra KUV100 communicate their message?

September 26, 2016 Vijay Sankar 0

Since late last year, we have seen a new segment emerging in the automobile sector – micro-SUVs. Today, let’s look into the TV commercials of two of the micro-SUV offerings – Renault KWID and Mahindra KUV100. While it is arguable, whether these two belong to the exact segment or if we can even compare it; I think, we can consider these to be on similar segments of micro-SUVs. Renault launched and popularised the micro-SUV concept in India with its launch of KWID in late 2015. At that time, this was perhaps the most talked-about launch because of its price range […..]

Coming Soon _ BuLite_New

Which Coming Soon Plugins to use for WordPress?

September 21, 2016 Vijay Sankar 0

Whether you are launching a new WordPress site, revamping the existing one; it’s always better to have a teaser type page shown up. Publishing a single pager introducing the offering or website is also a typical launch promotion technique. This can be approached in two ways – either install a single page theme while you are developing or revamping the website or use a coming soon plugin that will hide the content and just show a single page teaser. Benefit of ‘Coming Soon’ themes is that they are easy to implement and customize extensively while you continue with the development […..]


Driverless Cars – The Imaginable future

September 18, 2016 Prashanth Thimmavajjala 0

The news that caught my interest this week was about Uber launching its driverless car service in the US on an experimental basis. What initially started off as a technological experiment by some companies like Google has now become close to reality with multiple companies putting their hat into the ring. What started to intrigue me was: is driverless car a mere technological innovation to showcase technology or is there some business value to it. On some deep thoughts, I could think of a few possible business cases where driverless cars might be helpful in the near future. Aggregation with […..]


Implementing essential analytics tools for WordPress

September 16, 2016 Vijay Sankar 3

Analytics – its everything when it comes to Digital Marketing! If you are setting up a blog or a website, it is important that you set up the analytics and measurement foundation effectively. Usually, Google Analytics and Search Console belong to this arsenal. Considering, we may have to implement multiple tracking tags for various objectives like analytics, A/B testing, advertising and more; its recommended to use a tag manager. Google Tag Manager is a free offering from Google that helps you meet this objective. In this blog post, let’s see how to get these three implemented for your new WordPress […..]


Flipkart Assured against Amazon Prime – how do they stack up?

September 14, 2016 Vijay Sankar 5

The Trio in Indian eCommerce market – Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have been trying hard to not only keep its market share, but also get an additional pie out of it. In fact, the Indian companies, Flipkart and Snapdeal have been struggling to keep their game up against the giant, Amazon. In a market that goes behind discounts and offers, these eCommerce giants are trying to vow prospective customers with an additional offering – premium services that offers various additional features such as faster delivery, guaranteed quality and access to exclusive deals. If we rewind a bit, before these premium services, it […..]