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MailChimp is one of most utilized email marketing platform especially in the SME/personal settings. In this blog post, let’s see how we can implement various forms in WordPress site. Lot’s of tutorials are available from both MailChimp and others, so do check those out as well.

Setting Up a basic Newsletter signup form

  1. Install the plugin, MailChimp List Subscribe Form (
  2. Once installed and activated, we need to connect your MailChimp account with WordPress account using APImailchimp_api_wordpress
  3. Goto your MailChimp account and select Account settings from top. From there, select Extras -> API Key
  4. Select Create A Keycreate_api_mailchimp
  5. Enter the API Key generated and connect. This connects your WordPress and MailChimp accounts
  6. If you have already a List created in MailChimp, it will show up in the drop down
  7. Updated the form settingsmailchimp_lists
  8. There are few other options that you can update. Do those judiciously and if needed
  9. Customize your theme to add the MailChimp Widget
  10. Congratulations! You are all set up and happy building the email list.

What we have set up now is a basic signup type form using MailChimp. We can also set up two other types of contact forms for your WordPress site – a custom form in your posts or pages and secondly pop up forms to get signups. Continue reading to learn how we can achieve these.

Setting up a custom form in a WordPress page using MailChimp

  1. GoTo Lists -> Signup forms in MailChip account
  2. MailChimp provides three custom options – General Forms, Embedded Forms and Subscriber Popup. Select Embedded Forms option
  3. Another four options are provided – Classic, Super Slim, Horizontal, and Naked. A complete DIY option is also there. Let’s choose Classic for now
  4. Click on the form builder to customize the form (it’s strange, I couldn’t find an easy way to go to the form builder directly!)
  5. Add the custom fields you want to add and go back to sign up forms – > embedded formsmailchimp_custom_forms_wordpress
  6. You would ideally be able see all the changes you made in above steps and the updated HTML code generated. Copy the same mailchimp_custom_forms_wordpress_code
  7. Go back to your WordPress post or page in which you want to add this form and paste the HTML code (make sure you use the Text option of the editor)
  8. Congratulations! You are all set with including a custom form powered by MailChimp in your WordPress site.

Setting Up a Pop Up form using Mail Chimp in WordPress

  1. Follow the first two steps from above section and select Subscriber popup mailchimp_form_options
  2. Designing the pop up form is easy and straight-forward mailchimp_popup_form_design
  3. Next, copy the form code generated
  4. If you had read an earlier post on implementing Google Tag Manager in WordPress, you would be now familiar with a plugin called Insert Headers and Footers. This plugin enables to add additional scripts that you need as a common one across your site (one such example is GTM code). If this plugin is not installed; go ahead and install the same
  5. Go to Insert Headers and Footers and add the code copied from MailChimp here mailchimp_bulite_popup

Congratulations! Pop up based form is now active in your WordPress!

Hope you liked the post and learnt about integrating Mail Chimp with WordPress for all type of forms. Please note that, there may be easier way to get these done with the help of off-the-shelf-plugins; but isn’t it fun to go the longer route, when it comes to tech 🙂 . One such plugin I found out is Chimpy – WordPress Plugin.

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