Thank You!; We are retiring BuLiTe

August 22, 2018 0

Hi Everyone, Thank You for your continued support in reading our blog – Business|Life|Technology. As part of a consolidation exercise and decision to focus our efforts in more concrete and individual ways; we have decided to stop updating this blog. I will continue to write in my personal blog – An MBA Diary. Slowly, we will be moving all articles in this blog to An MBA Diary. This blog will continue to exist for few more months. We solicit your continued support in reading and sharing your thoughts in An MBA Diary. Thanks, Vijay


How do tools get demographics data?

August 21, 2017 0

Most of the analytics tools these days provide some form of demographics data; be it age, interest area etc. Have you ever wondered how these platforms get the details (even if it is ballpark)? Pixels, Cookies, Cookie Pool Often, two methods are used to identify these details – first one, a direct lookup built based on cookie pools (for example DoubleClick cookie pool in the case of Google Analytics) and the second one being a probabilistic method (based on your IPs or extrapolating online behavior. The next obvious question would be; even then, how some of these tools are able […..]

Purohit Thali

Two Day Trip (Shirdi – Nashik – Pune) – A Travelogue

June 1, 2017 0

We went on a quick trip to Western part of India; specifically to Shirdi. Though visiting Shirdi was our primary goal, we decided to spend time visiting Nashik and a bit Pune. With a baby, that’s all what we could cover in four days from Kochi. Our flight from Kochi to Pune was on a Friday afternoon. We decided to directly goto Shirdi. We reached Shirdi by around 9 in the night. Shirdi It was my visit to Shirdi. We were barely on time to attend the night Aarti. There are two main aartis in a day. Kakad Aarti at […..]