Happy New Year and resolutions!


Happy New Year!

Thus we are entering the seventeenth year in this century! As like every year, I am sure media will be having lots of programs focusing on celebrations; pubs and hotels will have special celebration events and celebrities will have busy time entertaining others. It’s celebration time; at the same time some of us will be having retrospectives and making resolutions for the new year 🙂 Here is one from me !

2016 – A year that was…

2016 marked a great year. It was a special one for me because of the most important personal promotion of becoming a father – that too to of a daughter :); also marked three years of togetherness in wedlock. Personally it was a mixed a year with few set backs health wise, and professionally a dull year. More importantly it was the genesis year of BuLiTe. We published close to twenty-five articles. Hope you all found it useful!

Resolutions for the new year!

Most of us will be thinking of how to make the new year different, working on resolutions and more. Some skeptics will be having a beer and moving on as usual. To be honest, as usual I have put together few goals for myself. Going by the hit rate, I am slightly skeptical, but at the same time bit more confident compared to previous years 🙂 Two key items in my wish list for this year are keeping this blog active and actively work on to achieve something on the professional side. The former looks bit easier to achieve; while the latter is little subjective.

One of the ideas I am having to keep this blog active is to share daily, a learning or new thing that I came to know. This may range from personal finance to marketing to positive psychology to politics. I am hoping the learning notes help readers of BuLiTe to gain some more knowledge or refresh their learning. Another wish for the new year is to read more books and share a summary of the same.

Finding one’s true passion is a million dollar pursuit. I think only few succeed in that endeavor. Otherwise life coaches won’t have invented jargons like mid-life crisis, transformation, synergy and all. Coupled with the covetous academics, one is sure to encounter spirals of passion seeking journeys. Similar to that, I am hoping 2017 will pave the path to find my true destination professionally .

Often, one forgets about their personal life in their quest of achieving professional ambitions. I hope to spend more time with my family, little and bigger sweet hearts and travel as much as possible in 2017! I am sure you will be warning me already that I am trying to put my legs on too many things 😛 (Its just my wishlist :))

Parting you with a nice video on procrastination; once again wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!

Inside the mind of a procrastinator

In this TED talk, Tim Urban talks about what’s different in thinking between a procrastinator and a non-procrastinator. Tim put forth in a very comical way his thoughts on what makes us procrastinate.

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