Dog Stocks based on S&P BSE Sensex Index

Yesterday, we discussed about a stock picking strategy called dogs of dow or dog stocks (understanding dog stocks). Today, I decided to extend this for S&P Sensex index. As mentioned in the post, dog stocks are the top ten in the index. If we just look at the highest dividend yield, most of them are Navaratna companies.

Dogs of Sensex Index

The Dog stocks of S&P BSE Sensex are

Coal India, O N G C, ITC, Infosys, Hero Motocorp, Bajaj Auto, Tata Steel, NTPC,ICICI Bank, and Hind. Unilever

We can either calaculate P/E ratios from company’s performance reports or from various financial websites like or Google Finance. We can also users ready to use screeners provided by stock brokers or sites like It’s also key whether we are using consolidated or standalone financial statements. For example, economic times provide P/E ratio based on standalone statements whereas provides both handy. I have used consolidated statements wherever available.

StockP/EIndustry P/EDiv YPE Diff %
Coal India15.5311.49.580.36228070175439
Hero Motor16.9521.082.41-0.19592030360531
Bajaj Auto17.7121.082.11-0.15986717267552
Tata Steel19.
ICICI Bank16.0920.152-0.2014888337469
Hindustan Unilever39.9247.41.99-0.157805907173
Power Grid13.6616.731.28-0.18350268977884
Axis Bank16.8320.151.05-0.16476426799007
M & M20.4129.381.03-0.30530973451327
Reiance Ind12.0415.260.99-0.21100917431193
Asian Paints43.1241.250.860.045333333333333
HDFC Bank22.4420.150.810.1136476426799
Maruti Suzuki26.0229.380.67-0.1143635125936
Dr Reddy42.9225.370.660.69176192353173
Bharati Airtel22.3515.710.450.42266072565245
Adani Ports15.8923.040.41-0.31032986111111
Sun Pharma Ind18.9725.370.16-0.25226645644462
Tata Motors13.4298.820.11-0.8641975308642

As mentioned earlier, if we take into account the P/E ratio as well, the list becomes

ONGC, Infosys, Hero Motocorp, Bajaj Auto, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, HDFC, Wipro, GAIL and Power Grid

We also discussed about few variants of Dogs specifically Dow 5 and Dow 4.

Dow 5 (five Dog stocks of having lowest share price) will be NTPC, ONGC, ITC, ICICI Bank and Coal India
Dow 4 (4 highest priced stocks of the Dow 5) will be ONGC, ITC, ICICI Bank and Coal India

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