Death bed Scene (Writing your own obituary)

Picturing yourself in your deathbed is a typical suggestion many self-help books put forth. Essentially, the authors ask you to picture yourself that you are nearing your last few minutes of life and ask to imagine what others would like to remember you for. An alternate suggestion is around obituary remarks. Life coaches ask you to think about what you want others to think about you or remember about you when you are no more there.

Such an exercise is overused to an extend that it has become a cliché. Based on some reading, this is how to go about this exercise. We can split it into two parts — one thinking from your perspective and the other thinking from third-party perspective.

Thinking from your own perspective

Everyone has ambitions, desire and wishes. Some becomes reality; some remains as wishes. Ultimately one needs to think whether the materialistic wish list is what matters or something that is close to your heart. For some, it may be big houses that you lived in; for some it may be places you visited. For some, it may be people you interacted with; and for some it may be lives you helped with. Ask yourself —

1. What are the three most important places you visited?
2. What are the three most important moments you cherish forever?
3. Who are the three key people in your life?

Thinking from others perspective

This is what most of the self-help books talk about. Essentially, this is what you want others to remember you as. Do you want others to consider you as a genius, philanthropist or a miser? As yourself

1. What are the three key attributes you want others to associate with you?
2. What are the three types of people with whom you want to be associated with?

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